Anti-social behaviour and theft rising sharply in Horwich Bolton 

Horwich Co-op


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Story by Simon Evans 30th August 2020

According to the Bolton News a Co-op supermarket in Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester has experenced a huge rise in theft over lockdown, a spokesperson for the Co-op was involved in a virtual round table discussion with other business leaders and Labour politicians where they outlined the problems they have been facing.

A number of businesses also outlined problems and confusion around enforcing the governments rules on social distancing and the wearing of face coverings, many were concerned with causing issues between themselves their customers.

The Co-op has been facing other problems such as anti-social behaviour, threatening  behaviour and theft during lockdown.

A spokesperson for the Co-OP, who was present at the meeting, said: “We have seen a huge increase in people trying to shoplift at the moment, we think it’s because people are bored basically, we tell the police exactly who is doing it as well, we know exactly who they are, but we’re not getting a lot of help, there has been a increase in the amount of times shopworkers are being verbally abused by members of the public, it’s not something people want to have to deal with when they are just trying to do their job".


A man was jailed for over four years for brandishing a knife and robbing the same Co-Op store in March 2020.

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Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, retail workers have been spat at, threatened with infection of Coronavirus and physically assaulted. Since the start of the outbreak, the average retail worker has been assaulted, threatened or abused every 6.5 days, more than double the rate of incidents compared to 2019.

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