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The Veesion A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Technology and the Catch a Thief UK service can help you prevent - detect - report and appeal.

Prevent crimes with our powerful warning signs and let any would-be criminals know that crimes will not be tolerated, they will be reported, and displayed to appeal for information.


Detect in-store crimes with the Artificial Intelligence solution, this gives you a real time alert straight to your smart device(s), if someone puts something in their jacket or trousers, concealing products under the pushchair, taking too many of the same products of the shelf, opening packaging and consuming products in the store, placing goods in a bag or backpack instead of their shopping basket. 


If an incident does occur we report the incident to the Police to save you time and keep the CCTV clips needed stored until they are required, we also help with any updates and liaise with Police and the store owner when needed.


We make public appeals and display the images of suspects for the detecting and prevention of crime, we have a large platform and we also boost posts (paid marketing) when required, any information we receive will be passed on to the Police, we can make cases this allows us to get the same offender by building a case and showing they are prolific, the appeals will be shared into lots of retail and crime groups, including Catch a Thief UK website/ media outlets.

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