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Reliance High-Tech and Catch a Thief UK -  partners!

Reliance High-Tech is the UK’s leading independent security technology integrator and provider of Lone Worker protection services. We have been working with leading public and private sector organisations to improve security for over 40 years.

Accredited to the highest industry standards and working in partnership with the leading CCTV, Access Control and PSIM providers, we deliver innovative technology solutions to blue chip customers across a wide range of demanding security environments.

This is underpinned by a passion for identifying and embracing the key technology trends and specialised providers to deliver unique value for our customers. Our ecosystem of specialist partners and services is second to none allowing us to address the most demanding security applications...

You can find out more about Reliance High-Tech visit: Reliance High-Tech

Super Recognisers And Catch A Thief UK -  Partners!

Super Recognisers and Catch a Thief UK -  partners!

Super recognisers are people with extraordinarily good facial recognition ability. It is the extreme opposite of prosopagnosia. It is estimated that 1–2% of the population are super recognisers who can remember 80% of faces they have seen.

The average person can only remember about 20% of faces they have seen. Super Recognisers have proved to be far superior to computer recognition systems.


SRI super recognisers are trained in behavioural analysis, facial mapping, gait analysis and are accedemically identified by the University or Greenwich as being part of the 2% of the population...

You can find out more about Super Recognisers International visit: Super Recognisers

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Artemis and Catch a Thief UK - crime prevention partners!

Artemis is a leading private investigation company specialising in crime prevention and investigation for companies, organisations and private individuals.

By combining traditional methods with the latest advancements in crime prevention and detection, allows us to provide a full range of cutting edge, innovative and bespoke investigative solutions to suit your individual needs.

Artemis is operated by certified professionals, who have a vast amount of experience working in leading UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Artemis works in partnership with National Business Crime Solution, Catch a Thief UK and Super Recognisers International to tackle increasing business related crime...

Initial scoping work is free of charge, so contact us at, or call 0800 410 1618 to find out how we can help.

For more information visit Artemis at:

Modern Retail

Modern Retail brings quality editorial from knowledgeable, respected authors to all those with an interest in forward-thinking, independent, high-street retail. The site holds a wealth of invaluable content for owners of shops, boutiques, and all retail outlets throughout the UK, and is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for all readers.

With an emphasis on helping retailers grow their business, main topic areas include Sales & Marketing, Shopfitting & Display, E-Commerce and Business & Finance. As well as regular editorial and newsletters, there are a range of longer e-books with more in-depth guidance on various specific subjects, a range of interviews with successful retailers, and a directory of useful suppliers to the retail industry...


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