Premium Plus Service Package

With our Premium plus service package you can detect theft in real time using smart Artificial Intelligence that works with your existing CCTV systems. Plug and Play device easy to use and install.


Once signed up to this package you will also receive a Veesion run Artificial Intelligence smart box that will connect directly to your wifi router.  Simply log into the app on the tablet that we will provide and start receiving notifications once the smart A.I detects suspicious gestures, such as a suspect putting goods in their jackets or down their trousers. You will get regular telephone or video call updates and technical support that will be delivered by our partners Veesion and Catch a Thief UK team members.


You will also receive our pre-installed 7" tablet that has everything you need to easily forward Catch a Thief UK any suspected incidents for assessment, reporting to the Police, making Public appeals and monitoring the smart A.I. Our pre-installed tablet makes it easy for you and your staff to keep track, report, view Public appeals and incidents.


You can forward Catch a Thief UK between 0-7 incidents per calendar month which is included in this package.


We will boost all submitted and assessed incidents across our online platforms making public appeals both locally and nationally giving all appeals maximum exposure, we will also report all submitted incidents to your local Police service issuing you with a crime reference number for each incident submitted.


Once signed up to this package you will receive our powerful warning signs that will act as a powerful deterrent alongside our online presence in your retail businesses.

We will also store all your incidents on our secure database.


You will get telephone and email support with one of our experienced team members who can assist with any queries you may have and even give advice and tips regarding crime prevention and detection in your retail outlets.

We will also provide your retail business with our banning notice templates that can be used to ban suspects from your business.​

We will create important alerts of suspects operating in your area for the attention of you and other businesses in your area. 

Once signed up to this package you will receive our welcome pack that will contain instructions on forwarding your incidents directly to Catch a Thief UK, you will also receive your unique membership number.

The price regarding this package will vary depending on the amount of cameras you want the smart A.I to monitor. We have packages of 1-4, 5-9,10-15, 16-20, 21-25 and 26-30 cameras. The smart Artificial Intelligence can also be subscribed to separately outside of this package without Catch a Thief's added extras, contact us for more details. 

For a copy of our brochure please use the contact button located below.​


All service packages are subject to availability and are priced at a monthly subscription/service fee. 12 month minimum contract.


You can find out more information regarding our work with our partners, Veesion run smart Artificial Intelligence here


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