Testimonials And Endorsements

Raj Aggarwal Spar

“With the help of Farrah's knowledge and expertise we have been able to reduce the level of theft in our stores and would highly recommend her services. 


From Catch A Thief's insightful tips in store for better security to Catch A Thief following through with police cases, the stress of shoplifters is lightened and positive results seen.


Farrah is a great asset to the business and a pleasure to work with. Catch A Thief has provided us with peace of mind as well as a really effective crime management system.  For the small cost to the business, the rewards have been significant and we can't thank Farrah enough.“

Raj Aggarwal Spar

 Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

“This local small business is bringing security and opportunity to the retail community, while enabling every one of us in Loughborough the chance to help keep crime down and improve our area.

I have met with the owners and organisers of Catch A Thief and have seen first-hand the enthusiasm they bring to their new found organisation. They are keen to develop the project and to help their local community.”

Nicky Morgan MP

"I could not believe my eyes, when a thief returned to my store and paid for goods he had stolen, after seeing himself on the Catch A Thief website.

Catch A Thief gives me peace of mind knowing that something will be done if someone was to commit a crime to me and my business. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

Mr Ajit Patel Lifestyle Express 

All suspects that appear on this website are innocent until proven guilty. Email: report.help@catchathief.co.uk

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