Haverhill Shoplifter Jailed

Prolific shoplifter

Prolific shoplifter Patrick Crow, has been jailed for 56 weeks after admitting eight offences of stealing alcohol and other items from shops in Haverhill.

Patrick Crow was caught on CCTV taking items including headphones worth £250 from Argos, a vacuum cleaner from Aldi, confectionery from Poundland, game controllers worth £160 from Tesco and alcohol from Sainsbury’s, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, described Crow as a “prolific” shoplifter and said he had previously been banned from Sainsbury’s in Haverhill for committing earlier shoplifting offences.

Crow, 29, of Cangle Junction, Haverhill, admitted eight offences of shoplifting between August and December last year and was jailed for a total of 56 weeks.

Steven Dyble, acting for Crow, said his client was a heroin addict and he accepted there was no alternative to a prison sentence in his case.

Steven Dyble said "drug rehabilitation orders had been tried unsuccessfully in the past" 


The defendant says that "coming off heroin is the easy part, the difficult part is staying off it".

He said "Crow was hoping to be sent to Highpoint prison in Suffolk where he could take a course to stop him relapsing after coming off drugs".

Patrick Crow - Prolific Shoplifter

Published 27th January 2018

Last updated 27th January 2018