World first new GPS satellite tags will be used to monitor burglars, thieves and robbers for 12 months after they are freed from prison, whilst campaign begins for "Digital Safety Pods"

New GPS Tagging System

Farrah McNutt - BBC Radio Leicester Interview 16 March 2021

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Story by Simon Evans 18 March 2021

A World First New Style GPS Tags To Track Criminals

According to the BBC, new GPS satellite tags to be used to monitor burglars, thieves and robbers Six police forces in England will use electronic tags in £6million six-month trial Offenders who have served for at least 12 months will be automatically fitted Shocking figures show half of thieves and burglars go on to reoffend within year

The new GPS tags will be used to monitor 250 burglars, thieves and robbers round-the-clock for up to a year after they are freed from jail in a £6million trial.

Six police forces in England will pilot the use of electronic tags with satellite-tracking capability on offenders when they are released from prison so officers can check crimes in their area against their movements.

Burglars, robbers and thieves who have been jailed for 12 months will be automatically fitted with a tag on release under a statutory instrument due to be laid before Parliament today by Policing Minister Kit Malthouse.

It comes as official figures show that more than half of those convicted of theft and burglary go on to reoffend within a year, with almost 80 per cent of cases resulting in no suspect being identified. 

Avon and Somerset, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Gwent, Humberside and West Midlands police forces will pilot the scheme from April 12 for six months.  

It will then be extended to a further 13 areas in September, with a view to making it a blanket policy for all burglars, robbers and thieves who have served at least a year in prison across the country.

In a statement to the Commons yesterday, Mr Malthouse said: 'I'm very pleased to say that hopefully tomorrow morning I will also be laying legislation to impose GPS tracking on offenders who've committed burglary and theft offences and often have the highest rates of reoffending.'

He added: 'Any minute now we'll be rolling out sobriety tagging in the rest of England, it's already operational in Wales and the critical thing about this disposal... it doesn't mean that somebody goes to prison, but nevertheless it does mean that their offending is managed in a way that we know now sees enormous amounts of compliance, 90-odd per cent compliance.

'It means that critically they can maintain their job, maintain their connections with the family in the community and that's the kind of innovative approach that we want to look at in the future.'

The Policing Minister told MPs: 'Alongside our sobriety tagging programme we are going to be rolling out GPS tagging for those convicted of acquisitive crimes - burglary and robbery and theft, so that when they're released on licence we can put a tag on their ankle which means that 24 hours a day for up to a year they will know that we know where they are.

'We think that will be an enormous deterrent to reoffending and, in particular if there is any offending, will allow the police to make much swifter detection. 


'It's all part of our plan to revolutionise the management of offenders into the future.'

Deputy Chief Constable Jon Stratford, the National Police Chief's Council Electronic Monitoring Lead, said: 'Tagging prolific offenders provides a strong deterrent and means officers will be able to quickly arrest and gather evidence against anyone suspected of being involved in a robbery, burglary or other theft.


In the meantime a call for unused British Telephone boxes to be converted into Digital Safety Pods for public safety.

Please Donate To Our Very Important Campaign!

Campaign To Transform Unused Telephone Boxes Into Digital Secure Safety Pods

Digital Safety Pods will give the opportunity for members of the Public who are in danger and give them a safe place to isolate themselves when an emergency situation aries out in public spaces.


The Digital Safety Pods can be utilised, when someone feels that they are under the threat of an attack by potentially violent assailant(s), the Digital Safety Pods can be used to create a safe and secure place for member(s) of the Public who come into danger from any potential attacker(s).

Our Pods can be used to protect women and men from stalkers and domestic violence, they can also be used to protect lost or missing children from the hands of gangs who traffic and kidnap them, even the elderly can make use of our Pods, protecting them from violent gangs who target them for their most personal prize possessions, whilst also letting security teams in our most crime ridden and violent areas in our City's, Towns and Parks to have a secure place to detain any potential dangerous suspect, while they wait for the Police to arrive.

Join our campaign to transform unused telephone boxes into Digital Safety Pods, that can be utlised for members of the General Public to use so they can escape danger and violence.

How Will This Be Achieved?

This will be done by firstly purchasing one of the 4000 UK Telephone boxes that are up for grabs and transform it to a safe secure Pod The Pods features will be as follows...


1. The boxes will be renforced with secure safety glass and steal ware required.

2. An automatic opening and closing door that can be activated by the touch of a button once inside, the door will automatically be locked after the Pod has been entered.

3. The Pods will have CCTV inside and on the outside, this will ensure that the Pods are monitored from a control room 24 hours a day, protecting both the Pod and the aggrieved who is inside.

4. As soon as the door has been opened in the Pod, the Pod will automatically call the Police and notify the control room instantly of any potential threat.

5. A two way communications system will also be fitted, that will be activated along with the CCTV as soon as the door is opened it will trigger the communication system allowing the aggrieved to talk instantly to a operator.

6. They will sound an alarm with a flashing Beacon, which will alert the public nearby that somthing is wrong.

7. The Secure Digital Pods will save lives and keep people safe.

Who Is Running This Campaign?

Catch a Thief UK founder, Farrah McNutt came up with this amazing unique idea, after she seen a news artical in the Leicestershire Live stating that, British Telecom were selling off 4000 of their 40,000 Telephone boxes for just £1, but there is a catch! British Telecom are also selling the land that the phone boxes rest on, from as much as £2,700 each.

Farrah suggested this great idea across all her Social Meida platforms and the response she received was overwhelmingly positive, and she was encoraged by the Public and her peers to go for it,  within the next 24hrs of Farrah suggesting the Safety Pods, the BBC Radio Leicester wanted to interview her live on air... Please listen to the interview in the video screen above.


You can find Farrah's Linkedin business profile here...  where you will see all her experties and knowledge regarding crime prevention and detection, she has worked in the security and investigations field since 2014 when she was just 20 years of age.

Digital Safety Pods are a new idea, Farrah said, "they will allow people that are in danger to have a secure safe place while they wait for emergency assistance. The Pods will be there for every man, woman or child who find themselves in a dangerous situation and I would ask members of the General Public to donate what you can to this much needed safety initiative, lets get these Pods up and running and save lives".

Why Is Funding This Campaign So Important?

Overall crime has fallen since the COVID crisis which caused lockdown, but violent crime and street robberies has been rising sharply, including knife crime, domestic violence, child trafficking, street robberies and murder. Below you will find seven valid reasons why these Safety Pods are a must!

Seven valid reasons why we should transform some of our old unused phone boxes into "Digital Safety Pods!"

1. Protect women and men from stalkers and domestic violence.

2. Protect the elderly from cowardly violent thieves.

3.Protect lost children from trafficking gangs.

4. Protect teenagers from gang knife crime.

5. Protect people with mental health conditions.

6. They can also be used by security services to hold a suspect until transport arrives.

7. They will save lives and stop people getting hurt.

If you would like to donate to this valid Public Safety initiative and help make the UK feel safe again, then please use the donate button provided below. Any amount you donate will be used to bring the Digital Safety Pods to life helping to save a life.

We believe that to Transform one of these unused Phone boxes into a Digital Safety Pod will cost around £10,000 and have so far reached £235.00 and need to keep this going.

Thank you in advance for your help and support in our important Public safety initiative. We will keep you updated on the progress of this campaign via this website and our Social Meida platforms.


Once again thank you for your loyal support and helping us achieve our aims and goals, we would not be able to do this without your help and support.

Keep Alert and Stay Safe!

Catch a Thief UK