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At Catch a Thief UK we take personal safety very seriously and believe that every one of us has the right to be and feel safe when we preform our day to day activities, whether we are at work or simply walking the dog, doing our shopping, going about our daily routine.

We are pleased to announce that we have struck a successful partnership with Online Driver UK, protecting their drivers from violence and theft.

Catch a Thief UK are implementing a taylor made service that will ensure that all drivers registered with Online Driver UK must adhere and follow to our strict policy on personal saftey, ensuring that all drivers keep themselves as safe as possible when going about their duties, also protecting the businesses and customers assets, making sure the assets are protected in a secure safe manner, out of the hands of potential thieves.

Any incidents of violence and theft or loss will be reported directly to Catch a Thief UK, we will then log, audit, investigate, reporting any incidents that a driver may experience to the appropriate police unit. (in the event of a violent attack or if somone is seriously injured, we would always encourage the driver to use the emeregency service at the earliest possibility by dialing 999

Working with our partner agencies we will ensure we complete and fully investigate each incident, making any potential suspect public via our website,we do this to obtain the identity of any suspects and for the purpose of bringing them to justice and preventing crime and anti social behaviour, keeping drivers, customers and members of the public safe and informed.

All drivers will have the option obtain security equipment, such as body worn cameras, dash cameras and GPS tracking technology, also providing drivers with safety tips, information and training in personal safety. (this will be achieved using video and literature.)

To find out more about Online Driver UK visit their website here: