A prolific thief has been jailed after stealing cosmetics worth £9 while on a suspended sentence for pulling a blade on a security guard

Hannah Bosley Serial Shoplifter!


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Story by Paul Lynch 24th August 2020

Serial thief 38-year-old Hannah Bosley has more than 29 previous offences of thefts from retail outlets on her record. Last October she was handed a suspended prison sentence in October last year for threatening a store security guard with a pair of scissors after being challenged for stealing perfumes worth more than £250.

Swansea Crown Court heard that Bosley breached her 13 months in prison suspended for two years and rehabilitation course and a drug programmewhen she returned to shoplifting, the court heard the latest theft happened on July 14th 2020 from the Savers shop in Swansea's Oxford Street.

Posecuter Dean Pulling, said "Bosley was seen by staff acting suspiciously in the store and seemed to be trying to pull security tags off packs of make-up".

Bosley became verbally abusive when a security guard approached and she then headed for the exit. CCTV footage reveled that she had slipped some Maybelline make-up worth £9 into one of her bags.

The Police got called and Bosley was found nearby. She admitted taking the make-up, she said she had enough money to pay for it.

Bosley, of Paxton Street in Sandfields, Swansea, admitted theft and breaching the requirements of a suspended sentence order. She has previous convictions for 66 offences on her record, more than 29 are for shoplifting.

Bosley defence, said "that after a period of homelessness the defendant now had a stable address and had returned a negative result in her latest drugs test".

Judge Christopher Vosper QC sentenced her to a total of 26 weeks in jail.

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