£20,000 reward 10 years after 'empty carrier bag' theft murder

Molly Morgan.jpg

A £20,000 reward has been offered after an 81-year-old woman died 10 years ago when thieves snatched her handbag - which contained an empty carrier bag.

Molly Morgan was attacked on 15 January 2009 as she walked to the library from her home in Streatfield Road, Harrow. She fell when thieves grabbed her handbag, and died of her injuries. Her brown bag contained an empty Sainsbury's carrier bag, an electrical extension lead and a brown and gold Primark umbrella. Hilary Underwood, Mrs Morgan's daughter, said: "The robbers snatched her bag so roughly that she was knocked over and suffered brain damage and she died that night in hospital. No-one's ever been caught.