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Smart Artificial Intelligence That Can Detect Theft And Suspicious Behaviour In Real Time Using Your Existing WiFi CCTV System

Catch a Thief UK are super excited to announce that we have formed a working partnership with the French technology company, Veesion. 


Veesion have successfully created an amazing piece of Artificial Intelligence that can detect theft in real time using your existing WiFi CCTV system.


This outstanding piece of technology uses machine learning algorithms that have learnt to detect theft and suspicious behaviour in real time.


The clever technology also generates real time alerts that will contain a short CCTV clip of any detected incidents to a mobile phone or smart device, all alerts happen in real time for the store manager or your security team's attention. Private groups can also be created, this enables real time group monitoring and alerts. 

The system is able to spot theft taking place and looks for suspicious behaviour such as:

1) Putting products inside their jacket or trousers

2) Concealing products inside buggies

3) Taking too many of the same products from the shelves

4) Opening packaging and consuming the product in-store

5) Placing goods in a bag or backpack instead of their shopping basket or trolley

Unlike security staff, who are able to monitor only a few areas at a time, the software is able to monitor all cameras simultaneously. The clever tech detects any kind of suspicious movements, the A.I is always learning. 


Your store can select what they want the A.I to look out for, the tech can tell the difference between someone putting their mobile phone in their pocket to any other item in store.

Once the smart A.I detects any suspicious movements, it will send you a short video clip of the person(s) of interest directly to a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, the clip will only be a few seconds long so it dont take up to much space on your device, a full length video of the incident can be downloaded from the cloud if required.

Once your staff or security team are alerted by the A.I, they then wait for the person(s) of interest to pass the till area or make their way to exit before the staff or security approach them for payment or return of the stolen items. You can then serve them a banning notice and place their image on your watch list.

The A.I system can provide you with a record and clear footage of the exact point and time of any theft, which enables you to locate footage of the incident and report any theft much more accurately and efficiently.

On top of all that you will also get exclusive membership to the Catch a Thief UK service where we make life easy for you dealing with theft after the fact. Read more about our service, here


Executive manager, Mr Sivakumar Pandian, aka Siva, of Nisa, Virginia Quay, London has invested in Veesion A.I smart technology to tackle shoplifting in his store.


He said: “We were facing serious shoplifting issues, we started doing complete store stock takes and we realised how much was going missing. It averaged £300-£500 a week. 160 bottles (15 cases) of wine went missing in one month!”

Siva also said, "The tech has only just been installed, but there has already been a considerable reduction in theft. We’ve stopped 15 shoplifters in two weeks, we’re also noticing not a lot is going missing in the stock checks. I’ve got a feeling word has spread fast that they’ll get noticed if they try to shoplift here, the benefits of the tech go far beyond the stock itself, staff stress has been reduced, now, we were able to concentrate on the business with peace of mind!”

Before Sivakumar turned to A.I he had hired security staff to guard the store, but it was still being targeted by shoplifters on a regular basis and the police were always too busy to help.

The Veesion hardware is available on a subscription basis and the costs vary depending on size of store and the number of cameras used.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Catch a Thief UK

In the UK an average of 455 retail staff are assaulted or subjected to abuse every single day whilst 200 incidents of theft are reported and recorded every hour.

Retail crime is costing retailers increasing amounts of money every year, amounting to a total of £2.2 billion in the UK alone. 

This amount includes money directly lost through crime along with what retailers are spending on loss prevention in the last year, much of this cost is recovered by increasing the price of the goods we buy.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your retail business with real time theft alerts, please contact us any time, we are here to help.

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