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Suspects In Essex

Reporting Suspects and Uploading Incidents

Catch a Thief UK is dedicated to combating theft, violence, and anti-social behaviour in retail stores.


We work closely with retail outlets in Essex, Canvey Island to identify and bring suspect shoplifters involved in criminal activities to Justice whilst also guiding those in need to the relevant local and national help and support services.


By reporting suspects directly to Catch a Thief UK Essex, you can help us create safer communities and protect businesses from the devastating effects of retail crime.

Retailers in Essex can report any incidents directly to Catch a Thief UK Essex.


Working together, we can make a difference.

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Catch a Thief UK Essex Suspects

Latest Suspects In Essex

Detect - Deter - Disrupt

In the UK theft and violence in retail outlets and other businesses are at an all time high, this raises the price of the goods we buy, costing the public and businesses millions of pounds each year. Theft is not a victimless crime causing many businesses to close down, this intern has a negative effect in our communities.

If you do recognise any suspects in Essex, you can anonymously help with the enquiry by pressing the "REPORT" button. You will be asked to provide the image or video reference/ incident number and other details relating to any suspects.

Any footage and images that are displayed on this website are for crime prevention purposes and public appeal only.

If you have a retail business in Essex or the surrounding areas of Canvey Island and would like to know more about how Catch a Thief UK can help you and your retail businesses implement the latest technologies, solutions, methods and techniques that will help prevent and detect theft, violence, abuse and anti-social-behaviour in your retail businesses, using the best solutions and technologies available on the market, helping you to protect your staff, customers and stock.

Please Remember To Include The Incident Number When Reporting Any Suspects!

Find out more about how Catch a Thief Essex can help your retail businesses fight crime

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