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Testimonials And Endorsements

Catch a Thief UK are proud to say that we have been successfully helping retailers deter theft and anti-social-behaviour in their stores since 2014.


All of our valued members have reported a significant reduction in theft and anti-social-behaviour since applying our UK recognised online deterrent in their stores.

The important work we do helping retailers has recently been featured in a number of episodes of the new Channel 5 documentary series, Shoplifters And Scammers: At War With The Law, and is also available now for streaming on My5.


Below are a few of the endorsements we have gladly received from our valued retail members. 

Raj Aggarwal - Sunita Aggarwal Spar Hackenthorpe Sheffield

Raj Aggarwal - Sunita Aggarwal - Spar Hackenthorpe December 13 2017

“With the help of Farrah's knowledge and expertise we have been able to reduce the level of theft in our stores and would highly recommend her services. 


From Catch A Thief's insightful tips in store for better security to Catch A Thief following through with police cases, the stress of shoplifters is lightened and positive results seen.


Farrah is a great asset to the business and a pleasure to work with. Catch A Thief has provided us with peace of mind as well as a really effective crime management system.  For the small cost to the business, the rewards have been significant and we can't thank Farrah enough.“

Lifestyle Express, Northfield, Birmingham

Mr Ajit Patel - Lifestyle Express Northfield Birmingham February 23 2018

"I could not believe my eyes, when a thief returned to my store and paid for goods he had stolen, after seeing himself on the Catch A Thief website.

Catch A Thief gives me peace of mind knowing that something will be done if someone was to commit a crime to me and my business. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

Lifestyle Express, Lougnborough, Leicestershire

Mrs Bhavna Odedra - Lifestyle Express Hermataige Road Loughborough January 2 2021

"Having Catch a Thief UK applied to my retail shop has been a real benefit to my business, helping me with the correct way to store and manage any incident that may take place. Since displaying their warning signs I have seen a reduction in incidents in my shop, once I was having problems with rowdy teenagers and other curstomers , but when Catch a Thief UK provided me for a short time with a body worn camera the problem soon stopped. I like that there is always a real person that I can talk to, when I phone them, if I don't  get through straight away somone always gets back to me within a short time. I would highly recommend Catch a Thief UK to any business that has experienced a problem with crime.

Mr Bruce Wakeling Simply Fresh

Mr Bruce Wakeling - Simply Fresh - Loss Prevention at Bruce Associates LTD January 22 2021

"I can highly recommend the CAT UK team to support you in reducing crime in your business. I have worked with the CAT team through Simply Fresh and the materials they supply and the support you receive to help you minimise theft from your business really does have an impact. We have seen a reduction in crime in our business following the introduction of the Catch a Thief support and follow up and I am convinced criminals have moved away from our businesses to others that are an easier target and do not use Catch a Thief to support them in reducing this menace".

Julian Taylor Green Spar Hampshire

Mr Julian Taylor-Green's Spar 4-6 Elmfield Court Lindford Hampshire GU35 0QA February 18 2021

"Theft, Store Security and dealing with Police is becoming more and more challenging for retailers. The lack of support and help by our constabulary is frightening! So we signed up to Catchathief with Farrah. Tenacious and challenging she has helped us try to “Arrest” the problem at store level, but also challenge the Police to seek a suitable outcome. Difficult times call for great support from our service provider’s. Catchahief are up there with the best."

General Manager Nina Wanda Alam Simply Fresh - Wimbledon

General Manager Nina Wanda Alam Simply Fresh - Wimbledon January 26 2022

"I can confirm the Catch a Thief initiative and materials sent massively improved the situation in store I used to run. There was a gap in safety that was fulfilled."

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