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Suspects in Birmingham West Midlands

In the UK theft from retail outlets and other businesses is at an all time high, this raises the price of the goods you buy, costing the public and businesses millions of pounds each year. Theft is not a victimless crime causing many businesses to close down, this intern has a negative effect on our communities.

If you do recognise anyone in Birmingham, you can anonymously help with the enquiry by pressing the "REPORT" button. You will be asked to provide the image or video reference number.

Any footage and images that are displayed on this website are for crime prevention purposes and public appeal only.

Attempted Card Fraud Kings Norton

**With Audio** Attempted card fraud Drinks World Kings Norton Birmingham 29 May 2019 VIBI290519

Trio wanted for fraud

Trio wanted for suspected fraud in Kings Norton on 14 September 2018

Can you help Catch a Thief identify this trio wanted by the police in connection with a substantial fraud that has left a Birmingham store owner £502 out of pocket! 14th Sep 2018, 
quote ref
VIBI140918 when reporting anonymously. 




We are a theft prevention website aimed at preventing, reducing theft and other crimes against UK businesses. In an Emergency dial 999 and ask for the police, Non-Emergency dial 101

All theft from businesses costs the UK millions of pounds each year  "WE ALL PAY" If you do recognise anybody on this website then please press the report button located on the video or Image.


Anti social behaviour, theft and other crimes to businesses are not victimless crimes, theft is a crime punishable by up to 7 years in prison, Theft Act 1968. 


If you have a business that is being affected by crime, please get in touch by pressing the contact button below, we would love to help. 

Any footage or images that are displayed on this website are for crime prevention and appeal purposes only.

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