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How long do we keep your personal data

Last updated 25th May 2018

Published 4th June 2018

Customers data will be held for maximum 6 years with no contact and no service being delivered, we may keep incidents reported to us longer than this because of the nature of what we are doing and evidence may need to be provided in the future, the incident reports include; customer names, employee names, customer addresses and signatures we be kept, but not disclosed to anyone with the exception of the Police. Subscribers data will be held for a maximum of 6 years and will be fully deleted after this period. Public appeals and suspects names, D.O.B’S address etc. will be archived as they may be needed for evidence and prosecution at a later date. Footage will be held of a minimum of 6 years, this is evidence and can help stop crime as well as prevent future crimes, the CCTV and images will be removed from the website after 3 months of any suspect(s) being identified, this is because we do not want to hamper any court proceedings. However this may added back to the website once court proceedings are completed but if it has been 6 years and a suspect asks to be removed from the website and/or our database then we will comply with this (except in special circumstances) example, if the suspect(s) are a constant offenders or have come to our attention within the 6 year minimum guidelines, the right to be forgotten may not stand, though the suspect can still request to be removed from the Catch A Thief UK website, this can be done through our complaint procedure. All footage/images of unknown suspects are displayed on the website until they are identified.

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