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Two female suspects encourage a young boy to steal alcohol and pop

Female suspects wanted for suspected theft! To report these suspects anonymously use reference number: VICO13319

Suspects Simply Local Coventry

Suspects wanted by the Police, Simply Local, Willenhall, Coventry 13 March 2019: VICO13319


Can you help Catch a Thief find these suspects?


On the 13 March 2019 two female suspects enter a store in Willenhall, Coventry, West Midlands and encourage a young boy to steal alcohol and a can of coke, also one of the female suspects put alcohol in her pocket whilst the other kept a lookout they all left the store without making payment. The young boys face has been blured to protect his identity and preserve his rights.

You can report these suspects using this reference number: VICO13319

Suspects Description

First female suspect has a medium build, 5ft 5ins tall, about 32-40 years old, mousy brown hair with pink streaks, wearing a long black coat and trousers with brown uug boots.

Second suspect is about 55 years old medium build, 5ft 4ins, grey short hair, could be bleached, white and grey coat, light blue trousers with black shoes.

To report these suspects please use video reference numberVICO13319

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