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Why are we holding your personal data

Last updated 25th May 2018

Published 4th June 2018

Catch A Thief UK holds information relating to crime for the purpose of detection, identification and for the prevention of crime. The personal data is being held as the individuals have expressed interest in what we are doing and have asked us to keep them updated, if consent has been given this is for the purpose of security, crime prevention and helping to prevent future crimes, including such tips on knowing how to keep yourself, home and business secure. To process crimes and identify suspects and help detect further crimes, we hold many images and footage of suspects which are put into a database, this is to link crimes and help identify the suspects to stop future crimes. Catch A Thief UK also holds personal data to prevent crime whilst also identifying suspects, or to report crime to the Police on the businesses behalf, this can be a variety of crimes. Personal data in the interest of the public and to help communities strive.

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