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Two suspects wanted by police banned for life from members store

A suspect duo from Sheffield are wanted for questioning by the police in connection with a theft from independent Spar retailer 

Suspects 1 April 2022 Spar Hackenthorpe

Suspect 1 entered our members store and left with a basket full of food products whilst suspect 2 waited outside. The total cost of the theft is around £50 including the cost of the basket.


The incident took place in Spar, Hackenthorpe, Sheffield on the 1 April 2022 at 08.25am

Goods stolen were, 2 packs of bacon, 1 bag of sugar, 1lt blue milk, 1 cabbage, 1 pack of Lincolnshire sausages, 1 loaf of Hovis bread, 1 bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz wine and the basket.

The incident is logged with the police and the suspects CCTV images have been stored on our secure servers for prevention and detection of crime and later used for potential prosecution purposes.

Our member have advised that both suspects are banned for life from entering their store with immediate effect using our banning notices and will be reported and prosecuted for burglary if they enter and take any goods from our members store without making payment.

You can report this incident directly to Catch a Thief using any of our points of contact. You can also report directly to the Police by calling 101 or by using the south Yorkshire police website.


You can report this suspect using this reference number: 14/63089/22

Suspects Description

Suspect 1 pictured on the left of the screen has short dark hair and was wearing a matching green Puma tracksuit with green trainers.

Suspect 2 pictured on the right of the screen has short blond to gingery hair and was wearing a short sleeve beige top.

To report this suspect please use reference number 14/63089/22

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