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Male Suspect Threaten Female Spar Retail Staff  With Violence, "I Will Throw You Through The Shop Window I Can Take What I Want"

"I Will Throw You Through The Shop Window I Can Take What I Want" VISH130121

Male suspect threaten female Spar retailer staff with violence, "I will throw you through the shop window"

One of our members on the 13 January 2021 expierenced aggressive behaviouir from a customer when he was approached by a female member staff about him not wearing a face mask.


The male in question ignored the member of staff and went over and grabbed a bottle of beer, the staff member asked him again to wear a face mask. 


The agressive male then throws the bottle of beer at the counter breaking it putting the staff at risk.


He then started calling the other staff members names and said to one of the female staff that:


"I will throw you through the shop window and I will take what I want".


The male then left the store leaving the members of staff feeling very shaken!


The incident happened at Spar Hackernthorpe Sheffield at 6:58pm 13 January 2021.

You can report this suspect using this reference number: VISH130121

Suspects Description

The aprox hight of the male suspect is 5ft 7" 5ft 9", wearing a black coat with fur round the hood, dark hair, medium build and dark bottoms.

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