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Romanian-Asian Travelling Gang Spar Stafford 4 Febuary 2021 

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Wanted for suspected theft, to report anonymously use reference number 21210013642

Romanian-Asian Traveling Gang Spar Staff

Caution Suspected Travelling Romanian/Asian Gang Targeting Retailers!


Three females and one male are wanted by the Police for a substantial suspected distraction theft from one of our newest members stores!

The four wanted suspects entered our members Spar retail store and made off with £493 worth of baby products including baby formula, after distracting retail staff.

They used the following techniques to distract staff and make off with goods, without making any payment.

(Have you seen them in your store!)

Firstly a male and female couple enter the store, they proceed to walk around the store and are seen looking around, seeing how staff and other customers are positioned, they then proceed to distract a staff member away from the main shop area.


Whist this is happening a second couple enter the store, two females this time, they go straight to the aisle with baby goods.

The two females then clear several items from the shelves into their skirts, also watching to make sure they could do it without being seen by staff.

The female from the first couple that entered the store, can be seen on CCTV distracting a second staff member, this was done so the two female suspects who cleared the shelf of baby goods, could make there escape.


Then the male and female couple walked around the store one more time and then left the store via the exit.

This incident happened at Spar, Western Downs, Cape Avenue, Stafford, Staffordshire,West midlands on 4 Febuary 2021 at aprox 22:07 hrs.

The Suspects Descriptions:

The male and female couple are in there early - mid twenties, the female is about 5’4, tall and the male is about 5’7. The female was wearing a grey crew neck sweatshirt, with writing on, white jeans, hair in a low pony tail. The male was wearing all black clothing with a black leather jacket.

The two females accomplices are in their mid twenties and both females are around 5’6 tall. Both female's were wearing head scarves, one wearing pink floral in a black burkha style dresses covering them completely apart from their faces, they wasn't wearing any masks.

If you have any information regarding this incident and suspects, then please call the police on 101, quoting crime reference number: 21210013642 or alternatively you can contact Catch a Thief UK via this website.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your retail business with incidents like this then please feel free to get in touch.

To report the suspects, please use video incident number 21210013642

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