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Appeal Suspect Snared By CCTV After Leaving A Trail Of Blood Removing Security Tags From Meat He Has Stolen

Suspect Removed Security Tags Before Placing Slecetion Of Meat Into Asda Bag SO40122

Male Suspect Spar Hackenthorpe Sheffield 4 January 2022

Suspect wanted by the Police after a large quantity of meat was stolen from Spar retailer in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield. The incident took place on Thursday 4 January 2022 at 1:28pm.


The CCTV footage shows the male entered the store and chose a News paper before opening the fridge and selecting a large quantity meat.


The footage also shows that one of the packs of meat he stole was leaking blood all over the stores floor before the suspect placed the joint of meat in his bag, the blood that was on the floor alerted the the staff that something wasn't right before they went back to look at the CCTV and, saw the male stealing from their store. The male goes back and forth to the fridge a few times selecting meat, removing the security alarm tags before placing the meat into his bag.


You can report this suspect using this reference number: SO40122

Suspects Description

The suspect male is described as a white male, medium build, dark face stubble, face mask, mid 40s. He was wearing a flat cap with sunglasses on the top of the cap, blue and black trainers, Hi Viz Vest over a black hooded Puffa Jacket and black trousers.


If you have any information regarding this suspect then please message us direct via any of our platforms quoting reference number, S040122.

To report this suspect please use video reference number SO40122

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