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Male suspect wanted by police for helping himself to a bag full of customers parcels

Male suspect wanted in connection with theft of bag full of customers parcels from independent retailer Spar Sheffield

Male Suspect Spar Hackenthorpe Sheffield 3 April 2023

On Monday 3 April 2023 a male suspect helped himself to a large bag containing parcels belonging to the stores customers.

A suspect male approached, Spar Hackenthorpe in Sheffield with a female who has previously been banned from entering the store. The  female waited outside whilst the male quickly entered and grabbed a bag full of the customers parcels that was due to be collected by the delivery service provider. The total value of items stolen is yet to be established.


Customers who may of been affected by the loss of items due to this theft incident are advised to contact the store directly and check their parcel tracking apps.  

If you have any information regarding this suspect you can report via any of our points of contact or press the red bar below. You can also report suspects details directly to South Yorkshire Police on 101 or via their website at, South Yorkshire Police, quoiting reference, 8973/04/23.


You can report this suspect directly to, Catch a Thief using this reference number: VISH030423

Suspects Description

White male, late 20s to early 30s. He was wearing a light blue T-Shirt and black Adidas tracksuit bottoms with dark footwear.

To report this suspect directly to Catch a Thief please use reference number VISH030423

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