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What we process the data for

Last updated 25th May 2018

Published 4th June 2018

Catch A Thief UK process data for three key reasons which are:






We are processing suspect(s) data to prevent/identify and detect crime, while also identifying suspects to prevent future crimes, and to assist the Police with their inquiries. Subscribers information is being processed so they can help with our inquiries by receiving newsletters, while also finding out about our partner companies and help with tips and advice for crime prevention and security, including security products and more. Customers information is being processed for the prevention, detection and identification of a crime, and to pass the details to Police when Catch A Thief UK reports a crime on the customers behalf. CCTV footage and images are being processed for the purpose of the identification and prevention of crime, we screen and edit raw footage/images sent to us from businesses that have been affected by crime, this screening is done by enhancing, cropping and blurring the footage/image of the suspect(s) this is done to protect innocent members of the public and staff, the image/footage of suspect(s) are then added to the Catch A Thief UK’s website and other social media platform,

such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we do this is to gain the identify of any suspect(s) we appeal to the general public in the UK for help in identifying any suspect(s) that are displayed on Catch A Thief UK’S website, the general public can report anonymously or non-anonymously through the Catch A Thief UK website, we process all data received and all incidents submitted to Catch A Thief UK are reported to the Police, where we obtain a crime reference number on behalf of any of our customers.

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