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Where and how we store your data

Last updated 12th April 2019

Published 4th June 2018

Catch a Thief UK is dedicated to the GDPR 2018 (General Data Protection Act,) and making sure your data is safe at all times, we will not share any of your data without your consent to do so.


We keep your personal and our members data, stored on secure online clouds - databases, no network hard drives, memory cards/sticks and our secure off line servers, that are housed in a secure undisclosed location.

Website subscribers data is kept on a secure online database protected by passwords which are changed every 5 months (Maximum),  we will also keep backups on our no network hard drives, and our secure off line servers that are housed in a secure undisclosed location.

Suspect(s) details will also be stored in the same way, this will include, the suspect(s) names, D.O.B, description, address, images, vechile registration numbers, moving CCTV, hang-outs, marks or tattoos, links to suspect(s) Facebook page, when found via open source, crime refrences numbers - incident numbers, the full details of the suspected incidents, times and dates and any other information that will be relevant to each case.

Members and non members data is stored in the same secure way, this will include, business owners name, business name - address, business telephone numbers, email addresses, membership numbers, incident numbers and general notes from telephone support.

The recording of telephone calls may occur from time to time, this is done for security and training purposes, all recordings will be stored in the same way. All recordings will be completely deleted from all our systems after a 6 month time frame.

We will also keep a paper files with members/subscribers/suspect(s) details, this is mainly for auditing purposes and will also be housed in the same way.

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