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Catch a Thief UK

Is a leading digital online crime prevention platform and security solutions provider aimed at deterring and identifying suspects that are wanted in connection with suspected violence, abuse or theft in UK retail outlets.


Our services also consist of the very latest crime fighting technologies, solutions, training and guarding services.

Catch a Thief UK Security
Catch a Thief UK

Catch a Thief UK

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We work closely with retailers, businesses and other crime prevention agencies across the UK

Violence towards staff and security, theft from retail outlets are at record highs across the United Kingdom, making the places we live, shop and work feel unsafe.

In the UK over 455 retail staff are assaulted or subjected to abuse every single day whilst over 200 incidents of theft are reported and recorded every hour.

Retail crime is costing retailers increasing amounts of money every year, amounting to an average of £2.2 billion.

This amount includes money directly lost through crime along with what retailers are spending on loss prevention in the last year, much of this cost is recovered by increasing the price of the goods we buy.

Are You A Retailer That Has Experienced Violence, Abuse Or Theft?

Become a valued member of Catch a Thief UK today and we can save you £££!


(A.I), Artificial theft Intelligence theft detection technology

Catch a Thief UK can provide your businesses with an amazing piece of cutting edge (A.I) Artificial Intelligence technology that can detect suspected theft in real time using your existing WIFI enabled CCTV system.

Our smart A.I solution connects to your CCTV system and works using machine learning algorithms and a smart box that connects directly into your internet router.


You get to chose what cameras you want the Artificial Intelligence to monitor.

Easy Installation, Plug and Play.

Telephone technical support.

Use your smart device to receive real time alerts with a short CCTV clip of the suspected theft as it happens.

Catch a Thief Artificial Intelligence AI

When you become a valued member of Catch a Thief UK and utilise our products, solutions and services we will: