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Suspect gets aggressive with a female store assistant after he is caught concealing cans of Scrumpy Jack Cider! VISH150419

Aggressive male suspect wanted for theft, to report anonymously use reference number VISH150419

Aggressive Suspect, Sheffield

On the 15th April 2019 a male suspect gets aggressive with a female store assistant, after he is caught concealing cans of Scrumpy Jack cider, he is wanted by the police VISH150419

On the 15th April 2019 at a Spar store in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, UK, a lone male becomes aggressive with a female store assistant, after she confronts him for concealing four cans of Scrumpy Jack cider.


This aggressive male suspect was asked to hand the four cans back, he then started to threaten the assistant, saying things like "Get the f**k off you fat s**g".


He was shouting this extremely loud in a aggressive manner, this was witnessed by a number of terrified children and customers that were in the store shopping.


The suspect continued with his threats and abuse, insisting that he was taking the cans no matter what.


A male customer had seen what was happening and stepped in to try and apprehend the suspect, the suspect then started threatening the helpful customer, saying, "I am going to batter you once you leave the shop".


The customer then lets the suspect go and the suspect decided to leave the store, on his way out he picked up two of the cans that he attempted steal earlier, walking swiftley out the exit without paying.

Catch a Thief UK have matched this suspect to another incdent at the same store back on the 27th December 2018, to see follow the link:

You can report this suspect using this reference number: VISH150419

Suspects Description

White male, approx 5ft 11", slim build, with brown hair, 30-35 years old, wearing a dark grey tracksuit top and light grey bottoms.

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