Suspect wanted for theft in Sheffield on December 27th 2018

Suspect Spar Hackenthorpe 27th December 2018 use video ref number to report VISH2718

Suspect Sheffield


Catch a Thief UK have matched this suspect to another incident that happend in the same store, on that occasion he was being threatening towards a female member of staff and a male customer in front of small children, this happend on the 15th April 2019 You can watch the video by following this link:

Suspect enters Spar Hackenthorpe in Sheffield and takes 8 beers without paying, on the 27th December 2018.

Suspects Description

White male, approx 5ft 11", slim build, with brown hair, 30-35 years old, wearing a dark grey tracksuit top and light grey bottoms.


You can report this suspect using this reference number: VISH2718

To report the suspect, please use video ref number VISH2718

All suspects that appear on this website are innocent until proven guilty. Email:

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