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Lawful Bases for storing and processing data under the GDPR  

Last updated 5th July 2019

Published 4th June 2018

Our data process is different depending on how you are using this website or if you are using our service.

The general public and suspect(s): (Suspect(s) and other members of the general public who enter a premises protected by Catch a Thief UK.) 

When entering a premises protected by Catch a Thief UK, the general public and any suspects will see our warning signs displayed in store, this is done to prevent crime and disorder and to warn any suspect(s) of our intentions, these are similar to the “CCTV warning signs, that are shown in retail outlets and other public places ”, Catch a Thief UK does not have direct access to any CCTV systems, and will only display images/CCTV video of suspect(s) that are wanted by the police in connection with any associated crime or disorder that occurs in the businesses we protect, the images and CCTV footage are forwarded from the affected business directly to Catch a Thief UK, with a completed incident report form that outlines any alleged incident(s), the footage and incident(s) are then assessed, once fully evaluated a decision is made as to whether it is viable to display the CCTV footage/image of any suspect(s) and/or make a public appeal for the suspect(s) identity via the Catch a Thief UK website and our social media platforms.

Occasionally other members of the general public may be visible in some parts of the footage we display, Catch a Thief UK will take every precaution to protect their identities, we will do this by blurring, cropping or trimming their identities out of any footage before it is displayed on the Catch a Thief UK website, all CCTV files/images received by Catch a Thief UK from our affected members are permanently deleted from the transfer processor within a maximum of 6 days, a copy of each original file is then transferred and stored on our secure no network hard drives/servers, that are locked away in an undisclosed secure location. We will only share original files and sensitive data with the Police and or other trusted parties that hold the same interest as Catch a Thief UK, where a data sharing agreement is in place.

Catch a Thief UK have taken every precaution to ensure that our service it is not intrusive and does not allow any kind of surveillance of the general public to take place.

Catch a Thief UK uses cookies to help us to get a better idea of how our users navigate the website, this may include your IP address, we will never use this data to contact or track our users.

If you are a user of this website and want to report any suspect(s), this can be done anonymously by following the instructions on the anonymously report page, however if you decide to report a crime by any other means, then we may contact you again if more information is needed regarding the suspect(s), we will only contact you using the details you have provide. All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Catch a Thief UK users: (Individuals and business members who use/subscribe to the Catch a Thief UK website).

When you register to become a member to the Catch a Thief UK’s services or subscribe to our newsletters/mailing list, we may ask you to provide basic information about yourself, this information may include your email address, your address, name including surname, and D.O.B, we may contact you via newsletters, emails, through the post and via telephone, our legal basis for this is Consent (meaning) - you the individual/business has given Catch a Thief UK clear consent for us to process your personal data for a specific purpose.

Our newsletters and e-mails contain an “unsubscribe” button and no details are recorded without the subscribers consent, your consent is given when signing up to our newsletter, or when consenting verbally or giving permission to be contacted after reporting a crime or identifying a suspect.

Catch a Thief UK uses the information you provide for keeping you updated on crime and security prevention strategies, alerts and other products and services that we may have to offer.

Catch a Thief UK will not share your personal data without your consent to do so, consent may be given verbally, in writing, via tick boxes, (“opt in”), located on our online forms.

When subscribing to the Catch a Thief UK newsletters, we will use your email address and name to notify you of important notifications security and crime prevention tips, we may also send out occasional newsletters relating to Catch a Thief UK news and system updates. You can unsubscribe at anytime by pressing the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the email/newsletters.

If you would like Catch a Thief UK to remove all your personal data from our systems or if you would like us to amended it, contact us at - quoting in the subject box "remove all" or "amend".

Suspect(s) of interest: (Individuals suspected of committing a criminal offence, that have been reported to the police, and uploaded to Catch a Thief UK by our members and other partners.)

Catch a Thief UK processes suspected criminal offences on behalf of our members, this includes CCTV footage and images of wanted suspect(s).

We process and publicly display CCTV video/images of suspect(s) that are wanted by the police on this website on behalf of our members, we may also display the suspect(s) on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this is done to obtain the suspect(s) identity and whereabouts and to deter future crime, our legal basis for this is - Public Task (meaning) - this processing is necessary for Catch a Thief UK to perform a task in the public interest or for official functions, and that the task or function has a clear basis in law.

We hold personal data about suspect(s) for the purpose of prevention and detection or unlawful acts, we do not ask the suspect(s) for consent to process their data or it would prejudice these purposes.

Our members upload information about an suspect(s) to Catch a Thief UK only when there has a reasonable indication of a suspected crime or disorder has taken place, this is strictly controlled and analysed before being uploaded and displayed to Catch a Thief UK website. 

We edit footage by blurring members of the general public and our members workforce Identity to protect them and their rights. 

Catch a Thief UK are Data Controllers of all the data, and we only share the suspect(s) personal data with the Police and our trusted partners.

General inquiries: (Individuals who contact Catch a Thief UK via this website, telephone call, e-mail or social media)

If you contact us via one of our online forms requesting information, or contact us via telephone, we will retain that data and use it to follow up with you.

We will retain your email address and name for marketing purposes if you have opted into this service but this will not be shared with any other organisations, unless consent is given at the point of contact. Your telephone calls and Emails may be recorded and monitored for quality control purposes. We may also intercept communications made to individual members of staff at Catch A Thief UK when this is required for business purposes, you can unsubscribe at anytime. You can request us to delete your data at anytime. By contacting Catch A Thief UK and providing your details you consent to be contacted by the Catch A Thief UK team.

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