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Suspects in Stafford Staffordshire

In the UK theft and violence in retail outlets and other businesses are at an all time high, this raises the price of the goods you buy, costing the public and businesses millions of pounds each year. Theft is not a victimless crime causing many businesses to close down, this intern has a negative effect on our communities.

If you do recognise anyone in Stafford, you can anonymously help with the enquiry by pressing the "REPORT" button. You will be asked to provide the image or video reference number.

Any footage and images that are displayed on this website are for crime prevention purposes and public appeal only.

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Lone Male Suspect Spar Cape Av Stafford

Lone Male Suspect Targeted Members Spar Retail Store, Fills His Basket And Leaves Store Without Making Payment 

Asian-Romanian Travelling Gang

Romanian-Asian Travelling Gang Spar Stafford 4 Febuary 2021 

Female Suspect Spar Stafford

Catch a Thief UK And Spar Stafford Prepering To Serve Wanted Female Suspect With Life Time Banning Notice

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