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Catch a Thief UK is a leading digital online crime prevention platform, aimed at deterring and identifying suspects that are wanted in connection with suspected violence, abuse or theft in UK retail outlets.

We work closely with retailers, businesses, police forces, and other crime prevention agencies across the UK.

Violence towards staff, theft from retail outlets and other businesses are becoming more prominent across the UK, making the places we live, shop and work feel unsafe.

In the UK an average of 455 retail staff are assaulted or subjected to abuse every single day whilst 200 incidents of theft are reported and recorded every hour.

Retail crime is costing retailers increasing amounts of money every year, amounting to a total of £2.2 billion in the UK alone. 

This amount includes money directly lost through crime along with what retailers are spending on loss prevention in the last year, much of this cost is recovered by increasing the price of the goods we buy. 

Are You A Retailer That Has Experienced Violence, Abuse Or Theft?

Become a valued member of Catch a Thief UK today and we can save you £££! Testimonials and Endorsements

When you become a valued member of Catch a Thief UK we will:

  • Help you significantly reduce Theft And Anti-Social-Behaviour in your retail outlets.

  • Help you save time, money and stock loss, also helping you to keep your customers and staff feel safe in the places they work and shop.

  • Store all your incidents on our secure servers and can recall any incident at any time.

  • Make Public Appeals via our online platforms.

  • Serve banning notices.

  • Supply your retail business with our powerful warning signs that will deter theft and let any suspects know of our presence and intentions in your store.

  • As well as making Public Appeals to our growing UK audience and supplying your retail business with our powerful warning signs, we also report all your incidents directly to the Police keeping you updated of all investigations, "no more lengthy phone calls to 101".

Email us today for a no obligation free service quote and one of our expert team members would be happy to help. Email:

Catch a Thief UK can now provide your retail businesses with an amazing piece of (A.I), Artificial Intelligence technology, that can detect theft in real time using your existing CCTV system.

The smart A.I connects to your CCTV using the Veesion smart box directly to your internet router.

You get to choose what cameras you want the smart A.I to monitor.

Easy installation, Plug and Play.


Telephone technical support.

Use your smart device to receive real time alerts with a short CCTV clip of the suspected theft as it happens. read more

Latest Suspects

In the UK violence and theft against retail outlets and their staff are at record highs, also costing the general public and UK businesses Millions of pounds each year, this raises the price of the goods we buy, also causing many businesses to close down. 


Our mission is to significantly reduce theft and anti-social-behaviour in our members retail outlets and get suspects identified who are wanted in connection with suspected crime, "Helping To Make Our Communities Safer - Better Places."

We will publicly display CCTV footage and images of suspects on this website, who are wanted in connection with anti-social behaviour and theft, we also appeal to the public, sharing images and footage of suspects who are wanted by the police through our social media platforms. 


The general public can help to identify suspects in their own area, using our anonymous online reporting system. 

Businesses can upload footage, images and report incidents directly to Catch a Thief UK using our easy to use online crime management system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Catch a Thief UK will provide your business with a crime reference number for all incidents, we will keep you updated every step of the way.


Retailers and other businesses can report any incidents directly to Catch a Thief UK.

Shoplifters And Scammers_ A War With The Law On Catch a Thief UK
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