About Catch a Thief UK

Catch a Thief UK is a leading digital online crime prevention platform, aimed at deterring and identifying suspects that are wanted in connection with suspected violence, abuse or theft in UK retail outlets and was founded by Farrah McNutt in 2014.


We work closely with retailers, businesses, police forces, and other crime prevention agencies across the UK.

Violence towards staff, theft from retail outlets and other businesses are becoming more prominent across the UK, making the places we live, shop and work feel unsafe.

In the UK an average of 455 retail staff are assaulted or subjected to abuse every single day whilst 200 incidents of theft are reported and recorded every hour.

Retail crime is costing retailers increasing amounts of money every year, amounting to a total of £2.2 billion in the UK alone. 


This amount includes money directly lost through crime along with what retailers are spending on loss prevention in the last year, much of this cost is recovered by increasing the price of the goods we buy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to clearly protect our members from crime and promote our campaign publicly, so that any potential suspected criminals are aware of our intentions and the work we do protecting our members retail outlets from crime or any other suspected criminal activity that may occur in their retail outlets via this website, social media and written literature, such as warning signs.

Our Service

Are You A Retailer That Has Experienced Violence, Abuse or Theft?

We Can Help You Significantly Reduce Theft And Anti-Social-Behaviour In Your Retail Outlets, Saving You Time And Money, Helping To Keep Your Customers And Staff Feel Safe In The Places They Work And Shop!

We offer retail members a unique service and crime management platform that will audit and store a log of all incidents of theft or abuse, report incidents to the police, publish appeals directly to the general Public and we will always keep you updated with the progress of any appeal submited via this website and our social meida platforms.

Catch a Thief UK will publicly display any person or persons that are captured via any of our members CCTV systems, who are suspected of theft, abuse or anti-social-behaviour in their retail outlets, images or moving footage will be displayed on this website for the purpose of Public appeal, crime prevention and detection.

We will be working with all communities across the United Kingdom to help identify any suspects in their own area.

The genral Public can view CCTV images of suspects online via this website and our social meida platforms within their own area and anonymously report suspects directly to Catch a Thief UK.


Catch A Thief UK is committed in helping our members significantly reduce crime in their retail outlets. You can find our endorsements' here.

Contact Catch a Thief UK today for a no obligation free service quote and one of our expert team members will be happy to help. Email: report.help@catchathief.co.uk

All work undertaken by Catch a Thief UK and its employees is audited in compliance with the Data Protection Act, GDPR May 2018.

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