About Catch a Thief UK

In the year ending June 2014 there were 3.3 Million shoplifting offences that were left unreported according to figures recorded by the "Theft By Customers" survey.


Catch A Thief is a website aimed at tackling shop thefts and other crimes against businesses by adding images and CCTV videos of suspects committing crime.


The footage and images will only be displayed on this website for the purpose of Appeal, Identification and Deterrent.

Shop theft's cost the UK economy £603 Million each year. Catch A Thief's goal is to lower this figure with each year of our growth.


We have liaised with our local Loughborough MP, Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, who has endorsed Catch A Thief, Endorsements.

Catch a Thief is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).


We will be working with the communities to help identify any suspects in their own area.

The public can view the CCTV images online within their own area and anonymously report suspects.


Our mission is to clearly promote our campaign publicly so potential shoplifters understand the consequences of getting caught committing a crime.


Catch A Thief is committed to help you reduce crime to your business. For further information and a free appraisal of how we can help you please contact me by email at report.help@catchathief.co.uk


All suspects that appear on this website are innocent until proven guilty.


Catch A Thief's Journey

Since starting this Social Enterprise in November 2014 Catch A Thief has come a long way!

At the start I only had an idea and started to research shoplifting, I found this was at a 10 year high. This led me to think that maybe my initial idea could become a business.

I started to create a website then came up with a name - Catch A Thief, I then took the decision to launch the website and started to promote the business through a number of channels, in particular LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


My partner was aware of the Prince's Trust who can help young people just starting out in business. I contacted them and it was fantastic, the help and support I have received has been great, lots of hard work. I was successful in getting funds to support the business with the help from Talent Match (part of the Prince's Trust). I know I needed more help and advice which The Prince's Trust has given to me. This includes a Business Mentor who has been great, the amount of advice and help he has given me even when away on his Holiday! He is a great inspiration and without his help I wouldn't be where I am now.

I do hope one day I can help someone progress their business idea.



I can see Catch A Thief's future and with the help of Ricoh Ignite who are supporting me and Catch A Thief. 

I am enjoying every minute of it, I have met amazing people and l am learning new things about all sorts, including business, design, strategies including, coping strategies, I am being taught and advised by the best people.

Catch A Thief is registered with the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) the 2nd October 2015.

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Catch A Thief Is Supported By The Prince's Trust Leicester  "Inspiring Young Lives For The Past  40 Years" 

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