Campaign To Transform Unused Telephone Boxes Into Digital Secure Safety Pods

Story by Paul Lynch 15 March 2021

Digital Girl! Farrah McNutt Launches' Campaign To Convert Old Phone Boxes Into Digital Safety Pods That Can Be Used For Vulnerable Members Of The General Public To Escape Violence.

Digital Influencer and Entrepreneur, "Digital Girl", Farrah McNutt has launched a very important public campaign to convert old unused British Telecom phone boxes into secure Digital Safety Pods!


Digital Safety Pods will give the opportunity for vulnerable members of the Public to have a safe place when an emergency situation aries. When they feel that they are under the threat of an attack by potentially violent assailant(s), the Digital Safety Pods can be utilised.

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Digitial Girl Farrah McNutt Influencer!
Piture: Digital Girl - Farrah McNutt - Influencer!

Farrah said," The Digital Safety Pods would be able to shield and protect the most vulnerable of us in society from violent criminals...

The country as a whole are experiencing problems with policing, Law and disorder at the moment and the COVID 19 Pandimic has put huge pressure on our services, not only the Police, but it has severely affected all of our services, now we are seeing crime at levels never witnessed before. 


The general public need protecting and we must Act Now."

Farrah started her career in the digital security industry when she was just 20 years old, breaking down barriers in what is widely known as a male domenated industry.

Farrah created the UK's first successful privately owned online digital crime prevention platform named, Catch a Thief UK, also striking a successful partnership with Super Recognisers International, who possess skills of visually matching the faces of suspects who are wanted for committing multiple crimes. There is only about 2% of the human population that have the ability to do this.

Super Recognisers International is owned and run by Mike Neville and since it was first founded in 2016, they have created a very impressive portfolio of fully certified Human Super Recognisers matching hundreds of suspects to thousands of unsolved crimes, they also found and matched the Russian suspects who were responsible for the Novichok incident in Sailisbury, England, that happend on the 4 March 2018, where a powerful nerve agent was used to poision Sergel Skripal a former Russian military officer and double agent for the British intelligence agencies and his daughter, Yulia Skripal.

Farrah's platform Catch a Thief UK is also proving to be very successful in deterring and significantly reducing crime, while getting suspects identified in the many retail outlets that she has been working with using her self created online crime prevention tool.  Farrah first launched Catch a Thief UK in 2014.

Farrah is now 27 years old and has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things security and crime related, she has gained thousands of followers from across her platforms and is highly respected by her peers in the security and retail sectors and is well on her way to the top.

One year into her first project in 2015, Farrah was awarded a £1,500 Grant from the Prince's Trust that she used to finance a Laptop and essentinal computer software that she needed to further develop the Catch a Thief UK platform.