Our Service

Catch a Thief UK's service is available throughout the United Kingdom. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation quote. A small yearly fee will apply once you become a member of this website. All incidents displayed on this website are charged on a per incident basis.

Do you want to put a stop to shoplifters, are the police not doing enough? 

Retailers and other business owners from across the United Kingdom, have the option to fight back proactively against criminals that commit crime to them and their business, by using our service.

Our service helps any business of any size to get the most out of their CCTV system, by easily and securely forwarding CAT UK footage and images of suspect(s) captured on CCTV, that have committed crime to you and your businesses, members will be supplied with our banning notices; this allows you to ban any suspect(s) you or your staff apprehend/detain from re-entering your business premises.

Retail Community Alerts

We can help you create alerts to let other businesses know that a suspect(s) is operating in your area.

Matching Suspects and Getting Justice

Our team can match suspect(s) that have committed multiple crimes to your business and prepare a public or private prosecution for you to recover the cost of your loss, this will include our service costs. We can help you with either public or private prosecutions, helping you to build a case and get the suspect(s) brought to justice.

Storing Your Data/Incidents

We can store your incidents on our secure offline servers that are housed in a secure undisclosed location.

Assessing Your Incidents

All footage and images of suspect(s) that you forward to CAT UK for public appeal services, will be assessed and if viable will be publicly displayed on this website in geographical location, this will be done for the purpose of identifying any suspect(s) and to deter further crime.

Our Partners

Working with our partners, we can offer your businesses other crime prevention methods, such as facial recognition technology, smoke deterrents, radio schemes and more, we can tailor make a service that will suit all your crime prevention needs.


Catch a Thief UK ensures that your data is kept secure in accordance with the Law, we are fully compliant with the GDPR May 2018, Data Protection Act, to see how we store and process data/personal data, you can visit our privacy policy here.

Images and footage will remain on this website until all suspects have been identified and are charged by the Police, or until any reasonable arrangements are made between the retailer and the suspect(s), that will resolve any alleged incidents.

Once the footage has been assessed and deemed viable, CAT UK will make the CCTV - Images public, appealing to the general public, who can view images or footage of suspect(s) from this website and report them anonymously. 

CAT UK will also show a proactive presence in your business, by displaying our powerful warning signs so you can show potential criminals that your business is protected by our service and this website. 


CAT UK works for - on behalf of retailers and other businesses, by displaying Images and moving CCTV footage of suspect(s) that have committed crime to them and their businesses on this website.

With easy set-up, usage and access with, 24-hour Telephone and Email advice, we will support your business all the way.


We can help any businesses big or small, from any sector deter crime and get suspect(s) identified, we work closely with the Police and can report the incident(s) to the Police on your behalf, saving your business time and money. 


Once the incident has been assessed by CAT UK all viable images and footage will be displayed on this website on a page in geographical location, "where the incident occurred". 


We will provide your business with powerful warning signs and stickers for you to display in your business, this shows a proactive visible deterrent to deter criminals and prevent crime. 

Any viable Images and footage of suspect(s) will be displayed on this website for the purpose of identification, appeal and crime prevention purposes only.


We are fully committed to the Data Protection Act - GDPR 2018 and are ICO registered, (Information Commissioner's Office). 

We will make the general public aware of our service and deterrent using social media, leaflet distribution, newspapers, radio and television.

All images, videos and incident report forms can be securely uploaded to CAT UK online. 

We are dedicated to working closely with retailers and other businesses, helping you to reduce crime, whilst keeping the general public, your customers and your staff feel safe.

There is a small monthly fee for your business to become a member at Catch a Thief UK, all incidents will be charged on a per incident basis.

We will not display images or CCTV footage of suspects on this website, without the agreement of the retailer/business owner.

Get in touch today to become a member of our proactive service and let the criminals know, we are on to them.

Telephone: 0116 2912368

Mobile: 07508215937