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Suspect wanted for theft in Sheffield on September 2nd 2018

Suspect wanted for theft of 9 bottles of wine worth £59, To report anonymously use reference number VISH020918

Suspect Photo.jpg

Male suspect wanted for theft of 9 bottles of wine worth £59, on 2nd September 2019 in Spar Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, he is wanted by the police VISH020918

You can report this suspect using this reference number: VISH020918

Suspects Description

White male, early 30s, dark t-shirt and black work trousers, with hanging pockets, dark curly hair, he was wearing brown work boots. 

To report the suspect, please use video ref number VISH020918


Intelligence tells us this suspect is also wanted for theft offences at Asda, Drakehouse and the Manortop store.

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