Suspect wanted for using fake cash Sheffield January 21st 2019

Suspect Fake £20 notes 21st Jan 2019 She

This suspect entered a Spar store in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, on the 21st January 2019 and purchased a energy drink, the suspect paid with a fake £20 note, the shopkeeper believed the £20 to be genuine, the suspect then said that the shopkeeper had not gave him the right change, he then by mistake gave the suspect an extra £10 note, the member of staff had originally gave the suspect the right change, the suspect then asked to change another £20 which was a fake too.


Catch A Thief UK have also matched this suspect to another crime, where he assisted another suspect who is wanted in connection for a theft back on the 26th June 2017, see video 2.


Suspects Description

The suspect had short hair, quite slim build, and a gaunt face, he was wearing a dark blue jacket, with white stripes and grey jogging bottoms, he is 5”6 - 5”7 approximately, in his late 20’s / early 30’s, the suspects ethnicity is believed to be white British.

To report this suspect, please use video ref number VISH210119

All suspects that appear on this website are innocent until proven guilty. Email:

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