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The rise in UK retail violence abuse and theft: Catch a Thief UK founder talks With Stephen Nolan BBC Radio Five Live

Catch a Thief UK founder Farrah McNutt interviewed by Steven Nolan on BBC Radio Five Live on the 9/02/2024.

Farrah talked about the importance of properly equipped security officers using the correct PPE equipment such as stab vest, handcuffs and Body Worn Audio and Video Cameras to minimise risks to themselves, staff and public when dealing with violence and abuse. Security officers also need to be adequately trained to be able to deal with any incidents quickly, effectively and safely with the companies they work for adjusting their policies regarding physical intervention and restraint in order for security personnel to get on with it and do their work with confidence. Better rates of pay and or incentives are also required for the most adequate trained officers who work in high risk sites.

A Co-op manager also talks about how his staff and store have been affected by violence, abuse and theft being threatened with needles, knives and hammers.

The Co-op have recently reported a 44% rise in violent incidents in their stores alone. The Co-op along with other retailers are urging MPs to make it a specific criminal offence for anyone who assaults or abuses front line retail workers including security personnel to be made a standalone offence. Catch a Thief UK also support this proposed new law.

Criminology Professor, Emmeline Taylor from the University of London also talked on the show. Emmeline said that there has been a massive increase in retail crime and that the figures recently released by the Police and The Office Of National Statistics are a drop in the ocean to the actual full extent of the problem. Professor Emmeline highlighted that there are a number of contributing factors to the rise in retail crime such as the cost of living, massive Police cuts as 21,000 Police have been cut between 2010 and 2019 as well as cuts to Police admin and community support officers. The cuts have made it really difficult for the Police to investigate acquisitive crime such as burglary, robbery, car theft and retail crime.

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17 feb.

Nothing that we haven’t been saying for some time. The training needs to be relevant and properly by companies with properly qualified trainers

In our view handcuffs marker sprays stab vests are all ok but the operators need to be if the right caliber and be confident in their skills

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