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Three women arrested after police stop car laden with suspected stolen goods

Police recovered over £500 worth of stolen goods and apprehended three women after intercepting a car believed to be linked to a spree of shop thefts.

Earlier, officers received a report that three suspects had exited the Sainsbury’s store in Colwick with two trolley loads of unpaid items before fleeing in a car.

Around 9 pm on Thursday (21 March 2024), the vehicle triggered an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera, prompting officers to pursue and halt the car.

Following swift checks, the car was discovered to be filled with suspected stolen goods, packed in the boot and piled up on the back seats and parcel shelf.

The three occupants, aged 38, 34, and 21, were arrested on suspicion of theft.

In addition to Sainsbury’s items, police also confiscated suspected stolen goods from Asda and Morrisons stores found within the car.

The Gedling South neighbourhood policing team remains committed to tackling and reducing shop theft as part of a problem-solving strategy.

High-visibility operations, involving uniformed patrolling officers and marked police vehicles, are being conducted at the Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield to deter thieves and provide reassurance to businesses as part of the ongoing initiative.

Neighbourhood officers continue to monitor known offenders based on gathered intelligence to safeguard businesses and their customers from the adverse effects of shoplifting.

Sergeant Mohson Hussain, of Nottinghamshire Police, stated: “Shop theft is not a victimless crime and can significantly impact retail staff and customers.

“As a force, we take shop theft seriously, and our proactive efforts to address this issue persist, including targeted operations in hot-spot areas, increased patrols, and close collaboration with businesses to mitigate retail crime.

“We are committed to supporting retailers and offering crime prevention guidance, and I want to assure the public that we will not tolerate such offending and will take decisive action.”

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