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Warwickshire Police's Vigilance During Business Crime Week: Five Arrests for Shoplifting Offences

In an ongoing drive to combat business-related crimes during Business Crime Week, Warwickshire Police have made five shoplifting arrests in the last 24 hours.

One of the arrests took place in Rugby when a 32-year-old man was detained by security staff for theft of approximately £50 worth of meat. Officers swiftly attended the scene and took the suspect into custody.

Claude Grossett, aged 43, with no fixed abode, was arrested following the theft of food and drink from a shop on Clifton Road in Rugby on 6 October. Grossett now faces charges of theft and handling stolen goods and is scheduled to appear at Coventry Magistrates’ Court today (Wednesday 18 October).

In Leamington, Gareth Haywood, aged 55, from Burbury Close, has been charged with theft from three separate shops within the town in the last four days. These actions represent a coordinated effort by Warwickshire Police to combat such offences that adversely affect local businesses.

Additionally, a 37-year-old man with no fixed abode, Daniel Reader, was charged with theft after the theft of two children’s Nerf Guns from a shop in Nuneaton. Warwickshire Police's proactive approach has led to a swift response to such incidents.

In another incident, a 33-year-old man from Nuneaton was arrested in connection with a theft of over £50 worth of meat from a shop in the town on 17 September. Sergeant Ryan Walker from Nuneaton Safer Neighbourhood Team, who apprehended the suspect on his way to work, ensured that the individual was safely taken into custody.

Sergeant Ryan Walker emphasised the commitment of Warwickshire Police to tackling shoplifting, highlighting that such crimes affect us all through increased prices. "We remain committed to taking action against those suspected of carrying out these offences and putting them before the courts," he said. This ongoing vigilance is part of Warwickshire Police's contribution to Business Crime Week, demonstrating their determination to protect local businesses and maintain law and order in the county.

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