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Suspect Theft From Community Interest Retail Company

Suspect Wanted In Connection With Theft From Retail Store In Oxford City

Date: 16/04/2023

Time: 14:12 hrs

Store Location: Craft Emporium Oxford City

Incident No: CO160423

Female Suspect Wanted For Theft From A Community Interest Retail Company

A female suspect stole a number of items from Craft Emporium in Oxford city centre including a set of rings, several lanyards and a candle.

Suspects Description: Female in her late 20s to early 30s, reddish hair tied in a bun, wearing a navy blue jacket with a grey rucksack. The suspect was pushing a pram with a small white dog inside.


If you have any information regarding this suspect you can report anonymously using the report button below. Please remember to include as much information about the suspect as possible remembering to include the incident number.



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