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CCTV Images Unveiled in Connection to Shoplifting at Warrington Store

The police are seeking assistance in identifying a man connected to multiple shoplifting incidents at a store in Warrington. CCTV images have been released to aid in this investigation.

The Tesco Express store on Winwick Road, Warrington, reported two shoplifting incidents. The first transpired at 10:45 pm on Sunday, 10th September, and the second occurred at 11:15 pm on Monday, 25th September.

On both occasions, an individual exited the store without making payment for several items. It is believed that the person is local to the area and, on both instances, departed the scene on foot.

In relation to these incidents, officers have made public CCTV images of a man they wish to speak to.

PC Sam Horton said:

“Enquiries are currently ongoing and as part of our investigation, we would like to speak to the man pictured in the CCTV image.

If anyone recognises this man, please contact us via Cheshire Police Online Reporting or call 101, quoting IML-1654528.

I would also like to appeal directly to the man pictured to come forward.”

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