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Public Appeal: Suspect Wanted for Theft of Cider at Hackenthorpe Retail Store

Catch a Thief UK is issuing a public appeal for information regarding a suspect involved in a theft incident today at an independently owned family-run retail store in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield. The incident occurred at approximately 11 am.

The male suspect, upon being confronted by a female staff member for failing to pay for a quantity bottles of cider, exhibited aggressive behavior. He became agitated and proceeded to blow kisses at the female staff member while stating, "What are you going to do, chase me down the road? I ain't paying, you can't do nothing." Subsequently, he left the store without making payment for the cider.

This brazen act of theft has been reported to the police, and Catch a Thief UK is urging anyone with information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the suspect to come forward. Please reference the following number when providing information: SH/30/03/24.

It is important to emphasize that theft from retail outlets is a crime under UK law. Despite common misconceptions, theft from retail establishments is not a victimless crime. Such incidents not only result in financial losses for businesses but also have a significant impact on staff members and the wider community.

If you have any information regarding this incident or the identity of the suspect involved, please get in contact. Your cooperation is vital in helping us to prevent further incidents of retail theft in our communities.

You can report the support using the report suspect button which you will find throughout this website.

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