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Shoplifter Receives Nine-Month Prison Sentence

A 43-year-old man, Carl Pearson, residing in Whitefriars Drive, Rugby, has been handed a nine-month prison sentence for a total of 14 shoplifting incidents.

Pearson pictured above committed these thefts at various stores across Rugby while he was already on bail from crown court.

The stolen goods primarily comprised cheese and meat, often amounting to over £100 worth of products tucked into a bag before exiting the stores without making any effort to pay.

Pearson pilfered items amounting to £1,233.85 from 14 different shops. Disturbing CCTV footage captured Pearson seemingly amused as he left one of the stores.

Following his arrest on 9th October, Pearson was swiftly sentenced on 10th October at Coventry Magistrates Court.

PC Blakeman, part of the Rugby Patrol Investigations Unit, said, “Rugby does not welcome shoplifting and I hope this is a lesson to those that think it’s acceptable to do so. Pearson is a prolific shoplifter who has shown no remorse and a complete disregard for the justice system."

He went on to emphasise that shoplifting places a burden on the community as the stolen items contribute to rising prices for law-abiding citizens.

PC Blakeman reiterated the commitment of Rugby Police to bring such offenders to justice, hoping that the jail sentence would prompt Pearson to reflect on his actions and deter him from continuing down the path of theft and dishonesty.

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