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Thief's Knife Threats and Spree of Crimes Shakes Southampton

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

A shocking incident involving a thief's knife threats has sent ripples through Southampton. William Hunt, a 41-year-old man of no fixed abode, has been sentenced to 19 months in jail after his rampage of criminal activities, which culminated in a disturbing encounter at a Southampton shop.

The episode unfolded at the Sainsbury's store in Bedford Place, where Hunt attempted to pilfer a bottle of wine. However, his theft was thwarted, and he was confronted by the store's staff. Unfazed by his failed attempt, Hunt returned to the store later the same day, this time making a brazen effort to pocket six bottles of alcohol.

As the staff intervened, Hunt's behaviour escalated to shocking proportions. He not only threatened to stab shoppers with a knife but also exhibited aggressive tendencies, attempting to snatch a staff member's body-worn camera. These events unfolded amidst the presence of multiple shoppers, creating a scene of chaos and fear.

The police's swift intervention led to a brief chase, culminating in Hunt's arrest. Remarkably, despite his threats, no knife was found in his possession during the incident. Despite this, the damage had already been done, as multiple individuals were subjected to distress and fear.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the extent of Hunt's criminal endeavours. Following this alarming episode on August 25, 2022, he proceeded to engage in a spree of further offenses. These included stealing from a van on Queensway, a burglary, and an attempted burglary. The unsettling pattern continued, and on Christmas Eve, Hunt was apprehended once again for shoplifting at the Co-Op on Shirley High Street.

During this particular incident, Hunt's desperation led him to resort to physical violence. In an attempt to evade apprehension, he clung to a bike stand, biting a shop worker on the kneecap in the process. Eventually subdued and arrested, Hunt's actions have left a trail of chaos and trauma in his wake.

At his sentencing, Hunt's defence attorney, Simon Walters, shed light on his client's circumstances. He emphasised Hunt's deteriorating mental health and the influence of controlled substances on his behaviour. The court recognised the downward spiral in Hunt's life triggered by a failed relationship and subsequent mental health challenges.

Judge Brian Forster KC, addressing Hunt during the sentencing, expressed hope for the individual's future. Despite the gravity of his crimes, the court acknowledged that there is potential for redemption. The incidents involving Hunt underscore the complex interplay of personal struggles, mental health, and criminal behaviour.

As the Southampton community strives to heal from these unsettling events, it's a reminder of the multifaceted nature of crime and its consequences

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