Catch a Thief UK

Violence towards staff, theft from retail outlets and other businesses are becoming more prominent across the UK, making the places we live, shop and work feel unsafe.

CAT UK is a national online crime prevention website, that works closely with retailers, businesses, police forces, and other crime prevention agencies across the UK. 

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Latest Suspects
Asian-Romanian Travelling Gang
Caution Suspected Traveling Romanian/Asian Gang Targeting Retailers!

Three females and one male are wanted by the Police for a substantial suspected distraction theft from one of our newest members stores!..
The four wanted suspects entered our members Spar retail store and made off with £493 worth of baby products including baby formula, after distracting retail staff.
They used the following techniques to distract staff and make off with goods, without making any payment.
Male suspect threaten female Spar retailer staff with violence, "I will throw you through the shop..
One of our members on the 13 January 2021 expierenced aggressive behaviouir from a customer, who when approached by a member staff about him not wearing a face mask.

The male in question ignored the member of staff and went over and grabbed a bottle of beer when the staff member then asked him again to wear a face mask he throws the bottle of beer at the counter breaking the bottle and putting staff at risk.

The male then started calling the staff member names, he then said to one of...
Female Suspect Spar Stafford
Female suspect wanted by police for theft from a Spar store in Stafford
Lone Female Suspect Simply Fresh Old Oak
Lone female suspect Simply Fresh Old Oak wanted for theft of meat and fish on the 5th October 2020. To report this suspect use ref VIOO6102020
Teen thugs throw fizzy drinks...
Teen thugs throw fizzy drinks back into a store moments after stealing them! 20th October 2019.

These teens have targeted this store on a number of different occasions, the police have been informed and we have been advised that the teen thugs will be getting a visit from the police.

Suspect(s) Description: 4 male teenagers, aged between 15 and 17 years old, all wearing dark clothing with hoods up.

You can report these teen males using video reference number VISH201019 Visit the Catch a Thi
Image theft of two crates of lager
**WANTED** Theft of two crates of lager Spar Hackenthorpe Sheffield 19th October 2019.

Suspect(s) Description:
White male, in his late 20s - early 30s, about 5ft 9ins, light brown/mousey hair, wearing a grey Addidas tracksuit.

You can report this suspect using video reference number VISH191019. Visit the Catch a Thief UK at
**With Audio** Attempted card fraud
**With Audio** Attempted card fraud Drinks World Kings Norton Birmingham 29th May 2019 VIBI290519

Two asian males wanted by the police for an attempted card fraud at a retail store in Kings Norton Birmingham, the male in the black tries to enter details of a stolen card in the card reader, so he did not have to use the pin, while the male in the white top tries to distract the store assistant, when the store assistant realises what was going on and refused the transaction, the male in the...
Suspect has been identified!
**UPDATE** This suspect has been identified and a referral is being made to local support services, with the collaboration of the store and CAT UK, that will be able to help him.
Suspect 9th June 2019 Spar Lindford
On the 9th June 2019 a suspect male enters a Spar store in Lindford, Hampshire and fills his shopping trolley with goods, whilst putting goods in his bag.

The suspect was stopped outside the store and the trolley along with the goods were recovered, however the suspect ran off with the goods that he put in his bag.
Suspected Scam Male Tricks Store Assista
On the 4th May 2019 a male tricks a store assistant into giving him extra cash, he entered the store with another male, who may also be involved with the scam.

Is it possible this male suspect has been in your store and done the same thing?

Suspects Description!
White European male, around 5ft 10ins, in his late twenties, wearing blue jeans, black jumper, flipflops and a black hat.

You can report this suspect at
quoting reference nu
Lone Female Suspect Takes Bottle Of Gin
On the 17th April 2019 at a Spar store in Lindford, Hampshire, a lone female suspect takes bottle of gin without making payment.

Suspects Description!
White female, about 5ft 6ins, between 30 and 40 years old, medium build, mousy brown hair, carring a red bag, wearing open shoes, black trousers, black t-shirt and a black jacket.

You can report this suspect at
quoting refrence number VILI170419
Wanted for theft 26th March 2019
On the 26th March 2019 a lone male suspect makes off with a packet of tobacco without making payment, from a Spar store in Lindford, Hampshire.

Suspects Description!
White male, 30 to 35 years old, slim build, about 5ft 8ins tall, dark hair, goaty beard, wearing a white woolen top, black bottoms and black trainers.

You can report this suspect at
quoting reference number VILI260319
Female suspect fills her bag!
Female suspect fills her bag with food, coffee, cakes and a magazine, she then leaves the store without making payment.

Suspects Decription!
White female around late 20's - Early 30's and approx 5ft 6" wearing Navy blue hooded jacket, with yellow polo shirt. dark trouser, and dark trainers with white soles...
Three young teenage males taunt staff
On the 22 nd of April 2019 at 19:30 hrs & again at 20:30 hrs, three teenagers are hanging outside a Sheffiel Spar store in Hackenthorpe, South Yorkshire for a few minutes, after watching the store they enter, pick up chcolate and cans of fizzy drinks, they then leave the store without paying for the goods.

Then on the 29th April 2019 the same young people enter the store and again take chocolate and fizzy cans of drinks.

These are not the only time the teenagers have been in the store....
Aggressive suspect Spar...
Suspect gets aggressive with a female store assistant after he is caught concealing cans of Scrumpy Jack Cider!

Catch a Thief UK have matched this suspect to another incdent at the same store back on the 27th December 2018, to see follow the link below.

On the 15th April 2019 at a Spar store in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, UK, a lone male becomes aggressive with a female store assistant, after she confronts him for concealing four cans of Scrumpy Jack cider.....
Suspects Simply Local Coventry 13th Marc
On the 13th March 2019 two female suspects enter a store in Willenhall, Coventry, West Midlands and encourage a young boy to steal alcohol and a can of coke, also one of the female suspects put alcohol in her pocket whilst the other kept a lookout they all left the store without making payment. The young boys face has been blured to protect his identity and preserve his rights.
Suspect Simply Local Coventry
New suspect wanted by the Police, Simply Local, Willenhall, Coventry 15th Febuary 2019 VICO15219!

Can you help CAT UK find this suspect?
Female enters shop, goes to the confectionery aisle and starts filing her bags with chocolate, then walks straight out without paying.

Suspects Description!
Female between the age old 38-42 years old wearing a dark jacket, dark bottoms white or light coloured trainers she had a red shopping bag and black handbag she was also wearing a beanie hat...
Suspects wanted Spar Lindford Hampshire
These suspects are wanted in connection with a theft from a Spar store in Lindford, Hampshire on the 25th of January 2019, the male in the green camouflage jacket entered the store with his two accomplices and picked up a crate of Stella while the other two followed...
Spar Hackenthorpe, suspect wanted
A suspect entered a Spar store in Hackenthorp, Sheffield, on the 21st January 2018 and purchased a energy drink, the suspect paid with a fake £20 note, the shopkeeper believed the £20 to be genuine, the suspect then said that the shopkeeper had not gave him the right change, he then by mistake gave the suspect a extra £10 note, the member of staff had originaly gave the suspect the right change, the suspect then asked to change another £20 which was a fake too.
Suspect Wanted Spar Hackenthorpe
Suspect enters Spar Hackenthorpe and takes 8 beers without paying. If you know who this suspect is, you can report him anonymously at, use video reference number VISH2718
**Suspect Identified Sheffield**

We are pleased to announce this person has now been identified. He has been arrested and believed to be caught with a knife, police are investigating alleged shoplifting and robbery. Thank you to everyone who contacted us, your help keeps communities safe.
Distraction Theft Simply Local!
On 16th November 2018 two females are wanted for distracting a retail sales person while the other one helped them self to the stores stock. To report this crime anonymously quoting video reference number VICO161118
Wanted Kings Norton Birmingham!
Can you help Catch a Thief identify this trio wanted by the police in connection with a substantial fraud that has left a Birmingham store owner £502 out of pocket! 14th Sep 2018,
quote ref VIBI140918 when reporting anonymously.
Suspect wanted Sheffield!
Suspect wanted for theft of 9 bottles of wine worth £59, To report anonymously use reference number VISH020918
Male and female suspects wanted
Male and female suspects wanted for theft of alcohol, To report anonymously use reference number VICO011018
Suspect 6th June 2018
The police have advised not to approach this suspect as he is deemed as Dangerous, he is also on the polices wanted list for a number of other crimes.
Attempted theft with threats of violence Coventry 12th May 2018
Suspect wanted for attempted theft, he also threatened staff when he was confronted and spotted by staff at a Simply Local store in Coventry.
Suspected Cheese Theft 16th May 2018 Simply Local Coventry
Coventry suspect wanted for cheese theft on the 16th May 2018, lone male puts a number of packets of cheese in his bag and leaves the store without paying.
Suspect Wanted For Cheese Theft In Loughborough, East Midlands
Man enters store and fills his bag with cheese from a store in Loughborough, May 2018
Suspect Simply Local Swindon 13th May 2018
Suspect wanted for theft from a Simply Local Store in Swindon, Wiltshire, on the 13th May 2018 Ref VISN1305
Suspect Spar Sheffield 30th March
Suspect wanted! On the 30th March 2018, a lone male runs from a Spar store in Sheffield with £80 worth of goods, after being told his Debit Card had been declined. You can report this suspect anonymously quoting  VISH3018
Suspect Simply Local Store Coventry
CCTV of suspect wanted for theft on the 12th March 2018.
Theft From A Store In Sheffield
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH8717
Suspect 2  Wanted For Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH2618
Suspect Wanted For Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH8117
Suspect 1 Leaves Without Paying
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH2617
Attempted Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH1317
Image Of Man Wanted For Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH1808
Image Of Shoplifter Wanted For Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH2217
Suspect Leaves Store Without Paying
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH1817
Can You Help Identify This Suspect?
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH0117
This Man Is Wanted For Theft
Report Anonymously Quoting Image Reference Number IMGSH1217
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In the UK violence and theft against retail outlets and their staff are at record highs, also costing the general public and UK businesses Millions of pounds each year, this raises the price of the goods we buy, also causing many businesses to close down. 


Our aims are to reduce these crimes, deter violence, theft and get suspects identified, making the communities we live and work, safer - better places for all.

We will publicly display CCTV footage and images of suspects on this website, who are wanted in connection with, anti-social behaviour and theft, we also appeal to the public, sharing footage of suspects through our social media platforms. 


The general public can help to identify suspects in their own area, using our anonymous online reporting system. 

Businesses can upload footage, images and report incidents directly to CAT UK using our easy to use online crime management system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

CAT UK will provide your business with a crime reference number and will keep you updated every step of the way.


Retailers and other businesses can report any incidents directly to CAT UK.

All suspects that appear on this website are innocent until proven guilty. Email:

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