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Catch a Thief UK

Violence towards staff, theft from retail outlets and other businesses are becoming more prominent across the UK, making the places we live, shop and work feel unsafe.

CAT UK is a national online crime prevention website, that works closely with retailers, businesses, police forces, and other crime prevention agencies across the UK. 

Latest Suspects
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In the UK violence and theft against retail outlets and their staff are at record highs, also costing the general public and UK businesses Millions of pounds each year, this raises the price of the goods we buy, also causing many businesses to close down. 


Our aims are to reduce these crimes, deter violence, theft and get suspects identified, making the communities we live and work, safer - better places for all.

We will publicly display CCTV footage and images of suspects on this website, who are wanted in connection with, anti-social behaviour and theft, we also appeal to the public, sharing footage of suspects through our social media platforms. 


The general public can help to identify suspects in their own area, using our anonymous online reporting system. 

Businesses can upload footage, images and report incidents directly to CAT UK using our easy to use online crime management system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

CAT UK will provide your business with a crime reference number and will keep you updated every step of the way.


Retailers and other businesses can report any incidents directly to CAT UK.